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“Trick or Treat!” – makes a mom like me cringe.  It wasn’t always that way.

I LOVE Halloween! Costumes!  Candy!  Creativity!  My favorite costume was a football player.  My brother let me wear his helmet.  It was a big deal.

Now – fast forward.  My son gets to do it! Yay!!  On the outside I’m so excited.  I am… but what you don’t see… my heart is also pounding with apprehension.  I’m watching his every move.  Every treat.  I’m praying to myself – please don’t be homemade.  Please be in a wrapper.   WHY?  I know you are thinking… “This lady has a major case of helicopter parenting.”  That isn’t it… at least not completely.

It’s because my son can die.

What you see as harmless will kill him.  A single cashew could kill my son.  It will cause anaphylaxis and without quick action…. my precious love will die.  He is highly allergic to tree nuts.

Despite that, I consider us lucky.  There are so many kids out there with allergies to more items, with more restrictions.

This Halloween, I am not expecting you to adjust to my child.   I’m not going to tell you what to do.  I do want to shed some light on why Halloween is so difficult for some families. teal-pumpkin-3

If we can’t eat your candy, it’s not a personal attack at all.   We just need to know everything that is in the food we eat.  Just because you don’t see a nut in something, it’s still possibly dangerous.   I’m to this day surprised to learn how many items are processed in a place with tree nuts.  We read labels on everything and double even triple check.
We are raising our son to be aware.  He knows to ask if tree nuts are in something and to read labels.  He is so young right now, it’s still a learning process.  It is for us as parents too.  I’m confident we will adjust and keep working thought it.  teal-pumpkin-1

When I explain how serious this is to friends and family, I love when they ask how they can help.  One wonderful way is the Teal Pumpkin Project.  Paint a pumpkin teal and go to this website to print off a sign and learn all the treats and items you can get for trick-or-treats that are safe for many allergens.


Teal Pumpkin Project

I see a teal pumpkin and I smile with a bit of relief.  It warms my heart that someone else is willing to take that extra effort and be aware of kids like mine.


“Fab cuts… loads of trim… spot price,” those are the words I ramble off every weekday afternoon on NTV News at Noon.  They are much more than random words to me.   It’s a reminder of who I am, where I live,  and how much my job now, being a news anchor,  relates to growing up on a farm.

I rode horses since I could remember and always loved them.  My feet were too short to reach the stirrups–in fact they stuck straight out from side to side.  It was easy to slip off.  I remember the very first time I fell off the back of Goldie.  I fell right on my rump, and boy did it hurt!  My dad said, “dust yourself off and get back on.”  I did.

Goldie was the very first horse I rode. This is me and my dad. My granddad is in the background.

Scoop, lift, and toss–trying to keep up with the auger.  Each load of grain would get heavier and heavier.  My arms would burn and I tried to tell my dad this sucked and I didn’t want to do it anymore.  He said, “this is just as good as weight training, if you want to keep getting stronger, get that whole truck unloaded by this afternoon.”    I set out to prove I could finish it before lunch.

Shoveling grain, stretching fence, digging post holes wasn’t necessarily on top of a list of what I liked to do,  especially as a teenager,  but deep down there was a sense of accomplishment.   I look back and realize those days of wanting to make my father proud, and spending time on the Kansas prairie made me the person I am today.

I am not an expert on markets by any means, but I can read and understand them.  I know how important it is to farmers and ranchers to get information out there about how food moves from the farm to your fork.  I also want to serve as a source for those in the ag industry, raising awareness to what producers are achieving, and giving the latest ag news in technology, and what it takes to keep turning a profit in today’s economy.

Me feeding a bucket calf. I named him Zero.

There have been times I’ve been knocked down from reaching the goals I set out to do, but I refuse to let that stop me.  I tackle each day with the attitude of:  dust yourself off and get back on–and each shovel-full gets you stronger and closer to your dream.  I don’t shy away from hard work, and those I’ve met in the field of agriculture tend to be the same way.  So the next time you hear “fab cuts… and loads of trim, ” know that I may not be in the industry, but there is a connection there that is deeper than words on the screen.

I helped raise lambs on our farm. Yes, this is me, I don't know where I got that hair cut!

You can watch the markets on NTV News at Noon weekdays around 12:20-12:25pm.  Also, join in on a discussion with an Agronomist Monday on Good Morning Nebraska’s Ag Talk.

Barrel racing with my horse Hawk. I loved working cattle with horses, but barrel racing and pole bending was what I liked to do in competitions.