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“Trick or Treat!” – makes a mom like me cringe.  It wasn’t always that way.

I LOVE Halloween! Costumes!  Candy!  Creativity!  My favorite costume was a football player.  My brother let me wear his helmet.  It was a big deal.

Now – fast forward.  My son gets to do it! Yay!!  On the outside I’m so excited.  I am… but what you don’t see… my heart is also pounding with apprehension.  I’m watching his every move.  Every treat.  I’m praying to myself – please don’t be homemade.  Please be in a wrapper.   WHY?  I know you are thinking… “This lady has a major case of helicopter parenting.”  That isn’t it… at least not completely.

It’s because my son can die.

What you see as harmless will kill him.  A single cashew could kill my son.  It will cause anaphylaxis and without quick action…. my precious love will die.  He is highly allergic to tree nuts.

Despite that, I consider us lucky.  There are so many kids out there with allergies to more items, with more restrictions.

This Halloween, I am not expecting you to adjust to my child.   I’m not going to tell you what to do.  I do want to shed some light on why Halloween is so difficult for some families. teal-pumpkin-3

If we can’t eat your candy, it’s not a personal attack at all.   We just need to know everything that is in the food we eat.  Just because you don’t see a nut in something, it’s still possibly dangerous.   I’m to this day surprised to learn how many items are processed in a place with tree nuts.  We read labels on everything and double even triple check.
We are raising our son to be aware.  He knows to ask if tree nuts are in something and to read labels.  He is so young right now, it’s still a learning process.  It is for us as parents too.  I’m confident we will adjust and keep working thought it.  teal-pumpkin-1

When I explain how serious this is to friends and family, I love when they ask how they can help.  One wonderful way is the Teal Pumpkin Project.  Paint a pumpkin teal and go to this website to print off a sign and learn all the treats and items you can get for trick-or-treats that are safe for many allergens.


Teal Pumpkin Project

I see a teal pumpkin and I smile with a bit of relief.  It warms my heart that someone else is willing to take that extra effort and be aware of kids like mine.


“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life,” Lynette Brown said that many times to me.  I don’t get to yell her name in excitement on Wednesday afternoons anymore, but I can turn each page of a cookbook and remember the little moments that made her so amazing.


Crack an egg in a bowl first- have a good pair of scissors in the kitchen- it’s ok if your husband doesn’t like it – you can change it and make it work for your family.

I was never really confident in the kitchen.  To this day my husband isn’t surprised the windows are open and fans full blast in the middle of winter.  Pretty sure there are still burnt chunks of something in the bottom of my oven.

Lynette made it feel like we were just at home, preparing a meal together. She encouraged me to take the steps to create food for my family in a yummy, educational and safe way.

She was a mother, hard worker, educator, wife, and friend.  The impact she had on others reached across state lines.  She battled breast cancer–and won the fight.  I say that because she didn’t let it keep her from doing what she loved up to the very end.

Through her — we can all evaluate our own lives.  Discover what you love, and don’t let anything get in your way.  We take the ingredients we have and make the life we want out of it.CookPic2

You can get your hands on Lynette’s Famous Recipes in a memorial cookbook in her honor.  Even recipes featured on NTV.  You will find Tim Reith’s favorite and mine as well.  They are simple and it’s full of great tips and stories too.


Cookbooks are available for a free will donation to one of the following:  (more locations are working on being added to the list.  email Lydee (above) for more info, or call your local extension office)

Harlan Co., donations go to the 4-H Council and Extension Board.

Firth area, donations go to the Pella Church Memorial Fund.

Pierce, St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Lincoln, Extension Office

She is probably cooking up a storm in heaven.  We love you Lynette.

Here… then… gone.

It’s the way it is in this business and this market.  Reporters come we develop friendships and they quickly leave.  Each have their own reasons, and leave an impression on those who stay.  You would think I would feel abandoned but it doesn’t work that way.

Instead I realize those we have a chance to meet in our life give us opportunity. There are the mentors and role models who guided me along my path to where I am today.  Even those who were not close friends leave behind something to learn from.  Each person opens my eyes to a new perspective and gives me an opportunity to grow.

Some close friends are miles away now.  We got married, we are now mothers and over the years our lives changed but I will never dismiss or forget our friendship. 7 We’ve grown up and apart but will always have that NTV connection.  It’s an unusual bond that others may not quite understand.  We understand the tough times and support each other through the hateful words, judgments, impossible deadlines, and life’s curve balls.  We are strong for each other.

Now… I lose another.

She brought back that spunk I’ve recently lost.  She reminds me of what it took for me to be where I am today and renewed my love for my career.  I will miss this girl a great deal.  She’s almost like a sister to me.

Now the circle continues.  Someone new will come in and new connections will be made.  While it’s painful to once again say goodbye, I cherish those footprints all these friends leave behind. Each one helped me learn, experience something new, and be a stronger person.  2

Here, then gone… the NTV circle of life rolls on.

P.S.  Alissa — if you run into any “probs.”  You know who to call.  — much love

5scooby doo

No…  “I don’t want to be on camera.” No… “Someone else is better than me.”  No… “I was interviewed by someone years ago and they did a horrible job.”  There is also my favorite No… “I can’t get up that early.”

We all hear it.  “NO–that idea is horrible.” or “NO–sorry you are the wrong person for the job.”  or even “NO– Mom I don’t like it.”  As a TV journalist, I hear “No” everyday.  The trick is how to handle the “No” — take it as a good thing and don’t get discouraged.  It’s what I do and maybe it can help you too.  marylyn

A reporter told me a long time ago before I got in the business, “That is one more ‘no’ closer to a ‘yes!'” Sure this is meant to be for when you are trying to set up interviews or get information on a story.  I think we all can use that way of thinking to turn our day around.  It’s so easy to let negativity get the best of us.  I’ve learned that it’s better if you are determined not to let it take over.  Focus on the great things you have going for you.  Then feed off of that and you may just be amazed at the results.

When coming up with story ideas, to applying for a job, to trying convince a husband that you want to host Christmas, don’t let “NO” stop you.  Each time I get a “NO” I think of that saying, smile and figure out what I need to do and pick up the phone again.

Don’t let the “NO” wear you down.  There is a “Yes” coming. You just have to work your way to it sometimes.

It’s another regular day at work.  Struggling to meet deadlines and setting up interviews.  I come across an email from a co-worker.  “I really look up to you in a real way… I appreciate all of the help and advice you’ve given me.”  I feel tears rising and any stress I had just melted away.

I quickly suck up the tears so no one notices and move on with my day.  Meanwhile, the power of that little note was so strong it changed my mood completely.

It’s something we tend to take for granted.  It’s easy to belittle, complain, and criticize others.  In this business you learn to shoulder a lot of criticism.   No matter what we do though, it doesn’t hurt to just say, “Thank You.”

I want others to know how much they are appreciated.  There are so many people in our communities that deserve to be recognized for all that they do.  Most of them do not want to be in the spotlight–but they DESERVE it.

Now is your chance to make a person’s day.  Email me who you think deserves a big public thank you. Explain what makes them amazing and send a picture.  We will say thank you to them on Good Morning Nebraska!

You have the power to make it a great day — let’s do it!

email: or send a personal message to me on facebook Marylyn Barnett’s Fan Page


“Is that new?”…”I love that shirt!”…”And those shoes!…Where did you get those?”–I love it when I hear these comments and I can respond with, “the shirt was 8 bucks–and these shoes… 9 dollars!”…  “This Michael Kors full suit 18 dollars!” 

We are all busy–working, being moms, housewives, farmwives, grandmas, or even students… and all on some kind of budget.  It feels good to be able to open your closet and have options and all of them able to snag a compliment.  It is possible–you may just need to change your mindset.

I’ve been able to have a full closet with a lot of brand name clothing and not be swimming in debt.  It was a learning process and I had help along the way.  

I remember the first day I walked into the TV station, wearing one of the two suits I owned.  I was on top of the world!   Then, I started getting comments from viewers and I quickly learned I needed a makeover…. and fast. I tried it alone, and was doing nothing but racking up a huge credit card bill and barely expanding my wardrobe.  I wasn’t good at buying clothes that looked good on me.  I was lost.

Then…. two co-workers took me under their wings.  I followed their lead, and continued to learn how to build a closet on my own.  Now, I’m debt free– and I’m not ashamed of what I’m wearing. . 

Some tips:

Trends and Style – be aware of trends and take notice on what you like and don’t like.  This can help you navigate stores. 

Your Style – discover yourself and what REALLY looks good on you.  BEWARE– don’t confuse yourself with what makes you look good and what you have just settled with.  This is where honest friends and family can help you out.  One time, I only had two pairs of short clunky boots, and one pair of low heels.  I thought that was all I needed. A friend took me to the shoe aisle and had me try on stilettos in all styles and colors… I never turned back.   

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone- this is where you discover awesomeness!  I hated the color pink all my life.  Well… it looks good on me–so now I wear it all the time.  It looks good and it makes me feel good.

Don’t be an Ashamed Shopper- my favorite outfits are from second hand stores, garage sales, Walmart, and clearance racks. That’s where the real treasures are!

Get more tricks and tips and ask questions at the Her Style Night Out event April 4th!  The runway show features real women, real sizes, with real budgets.  Enjoy some chocolate, wine, and sit back and enjoy some girl talk and great giveaways. I look forward to meeting you! 


A new schedule, a new life, a new love… a new mom! Anson is now a month old which also means I’ve been learning the ropes of motherhood for one month as well.

One Month Old!

One Month Old!

There is so much I didn’t realize that goes along with being a parent. Many of them simply lovely surprises:

Any pain I had while pregnant and during labor was completely forgotten when that little boy was placed in my arms.

Love really can keep growing! I love my husband now more than ever and I can’t even put into words how much I love my little boy.
anson mommy bw</a
I didn't realize just how many things will get peed and pooped on!–and on top of it I don't care if it gets on me. My husband and I are quite efficient at changing diapers–it's almost like a pit crew at the race track! ha!

Sleep really is sparse. I had a crazy schedule before, but this is nuts! It's amazing what a person can do on such little sleep. Trying to get something done between feedings every three hours can be such a challenge!

Those daily problems that I once thought were such a big deal… no sweat! I have a whole new set of priorities!

I've never had so many questions to throw at a doctor all at once. I even have to make a list!

Speaking of lists–I need to get better organized–YIKES!!

The bonds of family and friends can get stronger and even heal. I've been able to see family members that I haven't in ages. I really am lucky to have such a wonderful support system of friends and family.
anson hand>
There is so much more I’ve learned and still more to learn. I’m excited to continue on this journey! Sure there will be times we cry, and times to celebrate… but no matter what… the love we have will help us get through and even laugh along the way.

Pregnant!”  I yelled down to my husband from the top of the stairs, “There’s a baby in there!”  So happy, so excited!!  Finally!!  Then, suddenly it strikes me, NOW WHAT?!

We decided not to tell anyone about the pregnancy until we were 12 weeks along.  So, what do I do until then?  Normally I would be asking friends and family questions.  But that wasn’t an option!

Of course I called a doctor and set up an appointment and asked a few quick questions about working out and what to eat.  But more and more questions would keep popping up in my head.  So, I turned on my smartphone.

These are the three apps I would turn to almost everyday on my iPhone from Verizon Wireless: What to Expect Pregnancy, babycenter, and BabyBump.  Now, I realize that all information on apps is just that–information.  If I had any questions I would always ask and verify with my doctor.  These apps just really helped between doctor visits.

In each app, you enter your due date and it helps you keep track of what is happening to you and your baby on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  PLUS it was all put in a way that I could understand it.  I loved this!  The apps also helped with social situations such as when or how to tell your employer you are expecting,  and how to handle morning sickness when you are at work, or how to handle it when people want to touch your belly.

You have probably heard of the book, well the app What to Expect Pregnancy is a quick daily resource of information. The daily and weekly updates really helped me understand what was happening to my body and how the baby was developing.  It also gives husbands some advice. So I was able to read off information to my husband as well.
baby app 1

The babycenter App was a definite go-to for me.  It even has animated videos that shows how the baby grows.  I’m a visual learner, and this app was really helpful.  It also has ideas for a check list of what you can do each week.  There are forums you can join and chat with other moms-to-be.  With this app, I would even read it to my husband and watch the videos with him any chance we got.  It was something we looked forward to.

baby app 2

I only used the BabyBump app a little bit because I found it a little later in my pregnancy.  I liked how it separated information about baby, body, and activities you can do during the week.
baby app 3
These apps really helped me a lot throughout the whole pregnancy, but especially in those first 12 weeks.  Keeping this secret was THE HARDEST thing I ever had to do, and these apps helped me get through it!  Now, as the big day approaches, the anticipation is building.  These apps are helping me with all the final plans as we head into the homestretch.  I can’t wait to have this baby!!! 🙂

Fresh cut alfalfa–I love the smell. It reminds me of when my brother could lift those bales, but I couldn’t. He would encourage me, by letting me “help” him. I was probably in second grade at the time and he would let me think I was carrying most of it, but he was really holding most of the weight.

Stacking hay bales with my dad.

Stacking hay bales with my dad.

I don’t live on my family farm anymore, but what I did back then has a huge influence on me now. As a teenager, I didn’t like living so far away from classmates. I worked hard to help my dad and mom, even if there were days I would have rather played basketball than be stuck in a tractor, fixing fence or cleaning out a shed. Now, I look back and wouldn’t want it any other way.

cleaning out a shed

cleaning out a shed

Each project I do, I put my heart and soul into, just like my father and grandfather did in the barn or in the field. I will get assigned a task and take it on with an energy that makes what may seem impossible…possible. This is what I do at NTV. I meet challenges head-on. I’m determined not to let anything get the best of me.

cleaning a wound

cleaning a wound

Working in a newsroom or at an anchor desk is not exactly the same as picking up alfalfa bales. But, one time I didn’t think it was possible for me to do what my brother could. As I got older, I was able to start stacking the bales. Then eventually I got strong enough to toss them on the trailer.

Growing up, I would watch the local news with Melissa Beck. I thought there was absolutely no way this freckled face farmer’s daughter could be a news anchor. I was often caked in dirt, pants covered in muck from the feedlot, shirt would be soaked in sweat from my horse after he would rub his head and neck against me at the end of a long days work.

taking care of my horse

taking care of my horse

Several loads of bales later… here I am, a host for Good Morning Nebraska, NTV News at Noon, and the new Co-Host of NTV’s Grow.

NTV’s Grow is a show that is close to my heart. It’s about getting farmers and ranchers in the spot light. Many of us are removed from the farm, and this is a chance to get those in our number one Nebraska industry some face-time — really highlight what is happening on our land, and economy.

I’m not on a farm any more, but I understand the love of the land, it holds on to me. As I’ve heard before: you can take a girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. Don’t let those heels I wear on set fool you… I can work cattle and fix fence with the rest. 🙂

I’m honored to bring you the first installment of NTV’s Grow this Sunday at 10:35pm, after the local news. So many people behind the scenes worked hard to put this together and it shows. I’m so excited about this, and I hope you are too.

I’m proud to represent the ag industry in highlighting new technology, issues facing farmers and ranchers, and helping explain to consumers where their food comes from. This is a show representing those hard-working farm families and ranchers that are all around us. There are also some fun stories in there as well. 🙂

I welcome anyone that has story ideas or issues they want on the show. Email me at or send me a message on facebook: Marylyn Barnett Fan Page. I want to hear from you.


lcurve GIPS appSmartphones, Ipads, Ipods, tablets… they are everywhere. Students have them and some teachers are embracing them. One teacher in Grand Island Public Schools took some time to talk to me about a site she created. She teaches advanced algebra and math classes. Now, when I hear about advanced algebra, calculus, etc… I shiver a bit. I remember trying to take those classes while being a student athlete, and involved in other activities. It was so hard to keep up with what was happening in class. This teacher has a solution, and her students are embracing it. They use their smartphones in and out of the classroom to make it happen.
lcurve GIPS app
She created videos that show problems and how to solve them step by step. Students can look up the syllabus, and even use the site to study for tests. If they have a question about a problem after school, the teacher is right there with the answer. She says she is seeing better quality work from her students and they are able to not just learn how to answer problems, but also make the connections between algebra and geometry. This is bringing critical thinking into the classroom. She says this is a way to reach that higher learning potential so many classrooms strive to achieve.
Students I talked to say they love it, it’s “like a teacher in your hand, I get that one-on-one time.” Another students says, “I’m able to work at my own pace.”
See what this teacher and her students think about this whole concept. We even talk about the temptation to play games on the devices while at school. Do you think the students abuse it? The answer students and teachers gave me… may just surprise you. See the full interview tomorrow on Good Morning Nebraska.