Here… then… gone.

It’s the way it is in this business and this market.  Reporters come we develop friendships and they quickly leave.  Each have their own reasons, and leave an impression on those who stay.  You would think I would feel abandoned but it doesn’t work that way.

Instead I realize those we have a chance to meet in our life give us opportunity. There are the mentors and role models who guided me along my path to where I am today.  Even those who were not close friends leave behind something to learn from.  Each person opens my eyes to a new perspective and gives me an opportunity to grow.

Some close friends are miles away now.  We got married, we are now mothers and over the years our lives changed but I will never dismiss or forget our friendship. 7 We’ve grown up and apart but will always have that NTV connection.  It’s an unusual bond that others may not quite understand.  We understand the tough times and support each other through the hateful words, judgments, impossible deadlines, and life’s curve balls.  We are strong for each other.

Now… I lose another.

She brought back that spunk I’ve recently lost.  She reminds me of what it took for me to be where I am today and renewed my love for my career.  I will miss this girl a great deal.  She’s almost like a sister to me.

Now the circle continues.  Someone new will come in and new connections will be made.  While it’s painful to once again say goodbye, I cherish those footprints all these friends leave behind. Each one helped me learn, experience something new, and be a stronger person.  2

Here, then gone… the NTV circle of life rolls on.

P.S.  Alissa — if you run into any “probs.”  You know who to call.  — much love

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