No…  “I don’t want to be on camera.” No… “Someone else is better than me.”  No… “I was interviewed by someone years ago and they did a horrible job.”  There is also my favorite No… “I can’t get up that early.”

We all hear it.  “NO–that idea is horrible.” or “NO–sorry you are the wrong person for the job.”  or even “NO– Mom I don’t like it.”  As a TV journalist, I hear “No” everyday.  The trick is how to handle the “No” — take it as a good thing and don’t get discouraged.  It’s what I do and maybe it can help you too.  marylyn

A reporter told me a long time ago before I got in the business, “That is one more ‘no’ closer to a ‘yes!'” Sure this is meant to be for when you are trying to set up interviews or get information on a story.  I think we all can use that way of thinking to turn our day around.  It’s so easy to let negativity get the best of us.  I’ve learned that it’s better if you are determined not to let it take over.  Focus on the great things you have going for you.  Then feed off of that and you may just be amazed at the results.

When coming up with story ideas, to applying for a job, to trying convince a husband that you want to host Christmas, don’t let “NO” stop you.  Each time I get a “NO” I think of that saying, smile and figure out what I need to do and pick up the phone again.

Don’t let the “NO” wear you down.  There is a “Yes” coming. You just have to work your way to it sometimes.