It’s another regular day at work.  Struggling to meet deadlines and setting up interviews.  I come across an email from a co-worker.  “I really look up to you in a real way… I appreciate all of the help and advice you’ve given me.”  I feel tears rising and any stress I had just melted away.

I quickly suck up the tears so no one notices and move on with my day.  Meanwhile, the power of that little note was so strong it changed my mood completely.

It’s something we tend to take for granted.  It’s easy to belittle, complain, and criticize others.  In this business you learn to shoulder a lot of criticism.   No matter what we do though, it doesn’t hurt to just say, “Thank You.”

I want others to know how much they are appreciated.  There are so many people in our communities that deserve to be recognized for all that they do.  Most of them do not want to be in the spotlight–but they DESERVE it.

Now is your chance to make a person’s day.  Email me who you think deserves a big public thank you. Explain what makes them amazing and send a picture.  We will say thank you to them on Good Morning Nebraska!

You have the power to make it a great day — let’s do it!

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