“Is that new?”…”I love that shirt!”…”And those shoes!…Where did you get those?”–I love it when I hear these comments and I can respond with, “the shirt was 8 bucks–and these shoes… 9 dollars!”…  “This Michael Kors full suit 18 dollars!” 

We are all busy–working, being moms, housewives, farmwives, grandmas, or even students… and all on some kind of budget.  It feels good to be able to open your closet and have options and all of them able to snag a compliment.  It is possible–you may just need to change your mindset.

I’ve been able to have a full closet with a lot of brand name clothing and not be swimming in debt.  It was a learning process and I had help along the way.  

I remember the first day I walked into the TV station, wearing one of the two suits I owned.  I was on top of the world!   Then, I started getting comments from viewers and I quickly learned I needed a makeover…. and fast. I tried it alone, and was doing nothing but racking up a huge credit card bill and barely expanding my wardrobe.  I wasn’t good at buying clothes that looked good on me.  I was lost.

Then…. two co-workers took me under their wings.  I followed their lead, and continued to learn how to build a closet on my own.  Now, I’m debt free– and I’m not ashamed of what I’m wearing. . 

Some tips:

Trends and Style – be aware of trends and take notice on what you like and don’t like.  This can help you navigate stores. 

Your Style – discover yourself and what REALLY looks good on you.  BEWARE– don’t confuse yourself with what makes you look good and what you have just settled with.  This is where honest friends and family can help you out.  One time, I only had two pairs of short clunky boots, and one pair of low heels.  I thought that was all I needed. A friend took me to the shoe aisle and had me try on stilettos in all styles and colors… I never turned back.   

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone- this is where you discover awesomeness!  I hated the color pink all my life.  Well… it looks good on me–so now I wear it all the time.  It looks good and it makes me feel good.

Don’t be an Ashamed Shopper- my favorite outfits are from second hand stores, garage sales, Walmart, and clearance racks. That’s where the real treasures are!

Get more tricks and tips and ask questions at the Her Style Night Out event April 4th!  The runway show features real women, real sizes, with real budgets.  Enjoy some chocolate, wine, and sit back and enjoy some girl talk and great giveaways. I look forward to meeting you!