A new schedule, a new life, a new love… a new mom! Anson is now a month old which also means I’ve been learning the ropes of motherhood for one month as well.

One Month Old!

One Month Old!

There is so much I didn’t realize that goes along with being a parent. Many of them simply lovely surprises:

Any pain I had while pregnant and during labor was completely forgotten when that little boy was placed in my arms.

Love really can keep growing! I love my husband now more than ever and I can’t even put into words how much I love my little boy.
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I didn't realize just how many things will get peed and pooped on!–and on top of it I don't care if it gets on me. My husband and I are quite efficient at changing diapers–it's almost like a pit crew at the race track! ha!

Sleep really is sparse. I had a crazy schedule before, but this is nuts! It's amazing what a person can do on such little sleep. Trying to get something done between feedings every three hours can be such a challenge!

Those daily problems that I once thought were such a big deal… no sweat! I have a whole new set of priorities!

I've never had so many questions to throw at a doctor all at once. I even have to make a list!

Speaking of lists–I need to get better organized–YIKES!!

The bonds of family and friends can get stronger and even heal. I've been able to see family members that I haven't in ages. I really am lucky to have such a wonderful support system of friends and family.
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There is so much more I’ve learned and still more to learn. I’m excited to continue on this journey! Sure there will be times we cry, and times to celebrate… but no matter what… the love we have will help us get through and even laugh along the way.