Pregnant!”  I yelled down to my husband from the top of the stairs, “There’s a baby in there!”  So happy, so excited!!  Finally!!  Then, suddenly it strikes me, NOW WHAT?!

We decided not to tell anyone about the pregnancy until we were 12 weeks along.  So, what do I do until then?  Normally I would be asking friends and family questions.  But that wasn’t an option!

Of course I called a doctor and set up an appointment and asked a few quick questions about working out and what to eat.  But more and more questions would keep popping up in my head.  So, I turned on my smartphone.

These are the three apps I would turn to almost everyday on my iPhone from Verizon Wireless: What to Expect Pregnancy, babycenter, and BabyBump.  Now, I realize that all information on apps is just that–information.  If I had any questions I would always ask and verify with my doctor.  These apps just really helped between doctor visits.

In each app, you enter your due date and it helps you keep track of what is happening to you and your baby on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  PLUS it was all put in a way that I could understand it.  I loved this!  The apps also helped with social situations such as when or how to tell your employer you are expecting,  and how to handle morning sickness when you are at work, or how to handle it when people want to touch your belly.

You have probably heard of the book, well the app What to Expect Pregnancy is a quick daily resource of information. The daily and weekly updates really helped me understand what was happening to my body and how the baby was developing.  It also gives husbands some advice. So I was able to read off information to my husband as well.
baby app 1

The babycenter App was a definite go-to for me.  It even has animated videos that shows how the baby grows.  I’m a visual learner, and this app was really helpful.  It also has ideas for a check list of what you can do each week.  There are forums you can join and chat with other moms-to-be.  With this app, I would even read it to my husband and watch the videos with him any chance we got.  It was something we looked forward to.

baby app 2

I only used the BabyBump app a little bit because I found it a little later in my pregnancy.  I liked how it separated information about baby, body, and activities you can do during the week.
baby app 3
These apps really helped me a lot throughout the whole pregnancy, but especially in those first 12 weeks.  Keeping this secret was THE HARDEST thing I ever had to do, and these apps helped me get through it!  Now, as the big day approaches, the anticipation is building.  These apps are helping me with all the final plans as we head into the homestretch.  I can’t wait to have this baby!!! 🙂