lcurve GIPS appSmartphones, Ipads, Ipods, tablets… they are everywhere. Students have them and some teachers are embracing them. One teacher in Grand Island Public Schools took some time to talk to me about a site she created. She teaches advanced algebra and math classes. Now, when I hear about advanced algebra, calculus, etc… I shiver a bit. I remember trying to take those classes while being a student athlete, and involved in other activities. It was so hard to keep up with what was happening in class. This teacher has a solution, and her students are embracing it. They use their smartphones in and out of the classroom to make it happen.
lcurve GIPS app
She created videos that show problems and how to solve them step by step. Students can look up the syllabus, and even use the site to study for tests. If they have a question about a problem after school, the teacher is right there with the answer. She says she is seeing better quality work from her students and they are able to not just learn how to answer problems, but also make the connections between algebra and geometry. This is bringing critical thinking into the classroom. She says this is a way to reach that higher learning potential so many classrooms strive to achieve.
Students I talked to say they love it, it’s “like a teacher in your hand, I get that one-on-one time.” Another students says, “I’m able to work at my own pace.”
See what this teacher and her students think about this whole concept. We even talk about the temptation to play games on the devices while at school. Do you think the students abuse it? The answer students and teachers gave me… may just surprise you. See the full interview tomorrow on Good Morning Nebraska.