In the last month of 2012, I didn’t even get around to sending Christmas cards. I like to write fun letters about the last year and send to family and friends. But this year was not the best of years to look back on. Too many loved ones’ lives were cut short, and it would bring me to tears thinking about it. So instead of writing about what has happened, I want to write about the year ahead.
I have many different goals and dreams for 2013.marylyn
Of course there are the typical resolutions of living healthier, and more organized….etc. But I also just want to better myself and my family. I realize not everything I hope for will happen, but it’s worth a shot.
My goal is to wake up each morning and realize that this can be a new begining. Move on from yesterday’s troubles, and make the best of what I have moving forward. Too many times I get wrapped up in the problems of the day, and don’t focus on the simple, wonderful things I experience each day. Even if it is just meeting a new person, going to lunch with a friend, or seeing my husband when he gets home. Those simple things that can put such a smile on my face. It’s those things I want to charish more often. I take too much for granted.
So get ready 2013 — I’m hoping to make the best of each day you give me.