I love finding great deals and bargains. I really needed a warm coat heading into the winter months.  We all know coats can be mighty pricey, so I decided to stop in at ReFind in downtown Kearney.  They had coats all over the store!! 

That is where I fell in love with this furry collared coat.  My husband likes to make fun of it, but I LOVE IT!!!  It was a little more than I wanted to pay.  I paid $75.  BUT…when I stuck my hand in the pocket, I pulled out the original tag.  It was originally priced at $375! coat 2
My number one shopping tip for today:  When shopping for coats in consignment stores.  Don’t underestimate how they look.  How it hangs in the store may not do it justice.  It doesn’t hurt to try it on! I saw one that was a mix of fur and leather. It was actually raccoon fur! I thought there is no way it would look good… but it did! I didn’t get that one because it was a little snug. ReFind is along Central Ave. in downtown Kearney. Let me know the great deals you find too!! </p