I’m back home spending time with family and preparing for my uncle’s funeral.  A man I recognized, but couldn’t quite remember his name, said to me,  “Your uncle was such a good guy… your parents are wonderful people too.  Your grandfather, he was a great man.”

There were a couple older gentlemen at the table that all nodded as he spoke.  I listen and smile as they proceed to tell stories from the past.  It really started to click as to just how lucky I am to have the family I do.

My uncle was a person that made sure you understood things would be alright, no matter what the situation.  I was sitting on a horse bareback one time.  She started shaking… (kind of like how dogs do when they get wet).  I was only about 4 years old, so I wasn’t able to hold on very well.

My feet couldn’t reach the stirrups in my first horse show. So, my uncle led Goldie out in the ring for me.

My tailbone smacked the hard Kansas ground.  More embarrassed than hurt, I started to cry.  He made sure to tell me it was OK, and I was able to get back up on the horse.

When tragedy happens, it’s memories that can sometimes help heal.  No matter how many years it’s been, or miles you’ve been apart… family shows up just when needed.  I have a great family on both my mother’s side, my dad’s side, and I married into a great family too.

My parents with my aunts and uncles from my dad’s side of the family. Uncle David is in the middle back.

Sometimes, it’s easy to just go through the everyday routine of life, and not really realize the power of family.  It’s easy to become complacent.  I realize this week, no matter what– the love of my family is tough to break.

I’m going to make an effort to keep in touch with my family.  I get too wrapped up in work, and my own goals.  Once a month, I’m going to sit down and reach out to them.  Whether it’s a letter, a phone call, a facebook post.

No matter who you consider family, it may not be a bad idea to reach out to them from time to time.  Because when it comes down to it, we may not be able to choose what family we are born into, but they can be a rock to lean on when you need it most.  The love we have for each other is binding.  I am blessed.  Love you all.