“What if no one likes me?”–“What if I’m not good enough”—“What if I can’t finish?”… questions that run through my mind as I debated on running in my first 5K.  Those very questions held me back for a long time.  Then… a co-worker invited me to join her in the Race for the Cure.

BOOM!  The cannon fires… (it scared me–and we laughed for the first half mile)–and we were off!  I had a blast.


Sometimes, I am my own worst enemy.  I can’t tell you how many times those questions up above held me back.  In high school… I always worried about what others thought of me.  In college, I avoided doing much in front of the camera because I worried about whether I would be good enough.

At some point–I had to realize that the people that love me, will love me even if I fail.  Now, if there is a challenge on the table, I will pick what I think is the most difficult–just to prove to myself that I can do it.  I pushed those questions and worries aside when I started training for martial arts.  I picked up the nun chucks because they seemed the most difficult to learn.  Now, I have a black belt and I wouldn’t take back that experience for the world.  Image

Whatever challenge you face, step back and think about what is stopping you.  There are probably a mountain of things… but just make sure it’s not you–yourself– holding you back.  Because you may hold more potential than you think.

Each week, I feature someone who fights against the odds.  There are some incredible people living among us.  That incredible person could be you–don’t underestimate what you can do.  If you have an idea of someone you think is an inspiration–someone who overcomes odds.  Let me know, and we can share their story.Image