Demolishing an old building and pulling old posts from the hard earth, I then climb out of the Bobcat machine.  My father in-law’s best friends says, “Is there anything you won’t try?”  I  smile, and my husband just shrugs and shakes his head with a big grin on his face.

Every day is a chance to grow, learn, and better yourself.  If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Looking back, I’ve usually been game to try many things.  (of course there are limits) But I’m willing to undertake an adventure.   Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, and limit our own potential.  Get away from negative thoughts, and wrap your mind around the positives in life.  It makes a difference, and I smile now more because of it.

Finding courage doesn’t have to be a huge adventure.  Just something you normally wouldn’t do.  Try it, and you may surprise yourself.   I recently cooked-up some of my own courage.  A chef on one of our shows on NTV said, “You have all this great Nebraska produce, you can’t mess it up.”   So I went to a farmers market in Kearney.  I came home, put all my finds on the table and decided I’m going to try making up recipes.

Breakfast Bars I created!

So far, he was right!  Nebraska grown veggies make a wonderful stir-fry.  I started liking the idea of knowing where the food we eat comes from.  So I decided to stock my pantry a little better and come up with a breakfast bar that I can make myself and know what’s in it. (the recipe and ingredients are below)

I like to step outside boundaries and see what I can really do.  This helps me progress.  The worse that can happen is failure, but it’s worth the try, and as long as you make it fun–it can be quite a journey.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Honey from the farmers market: the farmer told me the bees mainly fed on alfalfa.  –I thought that was neat to know, and I remember eating alfalfa flowers when we would pick up bales.  So, I knew it had to be good. 🙂
  • Old fashioned rolled oats.  The only ingredient listed on the box is whole gran oats.  Simple right?!
  • Whole Wheat Flour.  This one took some time.    I picked one that said whole white winter wheat…as the only ingredient.  It’s a little more pricey, but I figure it’s going in my body, I will cut back on buying shoes or something else I don’t need.
  • Stevia in the raw – sweetener from a leaf.  I wanted to cut back calories.  I have heard positives and negatives about this, but I decided to try it for myself.
  • Peanut Butter- this is the only ingredient that I just used JIFF.  I didn’t do any extra searching for this one.
  • 1 Egg white

Now, I didn’t really measure anything.  I just guessed until I mixed up a consistency that I liked for bars.  I’m pretty sure I used 2 cups of oats… but a good chunk of them ended up on the floor when I tried to stir them up too fast.  OOPS!
I spread them in a dish and threw them in the oven.  375 for about 15 minutes.
It’s a good idea to cut them into bars… then let them cool before dishing out.  That way they stay together better.

Taste Test:   My husband LOVES them!  My co-worker Roni Lewis liked them too!  Better yet, eat a little bit and it fills you up for a while.  The protein from the peanut butter is great for after a workout.  They are easy to grab and run out the door for work in the morning.

It’s a new favorite in our home!

Cookin-Up courage to make this was well worth it!  Maybe you can cook-up some courage.  Challenge yourself and enjoy what life offers.

Don’t forget–YOU can cook with us on the show!  Let me know if you are interested.  I think many recipes have a story behind them… come cook and share and enjoy hanging out with us at NTV studios!!!  Reply or email me and  –I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Be sure to watch Good Morning Nebraska on Friday mornings for On the Menu recipes.  Also, Wednesday on NTV News at Noon Lynette cooks up some down home meals.