A post on my face book page reads: “Marylyn you are looking fabulous, what is your secret?”  There is another one asking how much weight I’ve lost.  These comments truly warm my heart because these viewers are zoning in on a battle where I’m slowly seeing signs of victory.  So in this blog… my secret gets revealed!

If you’ve followed my blogs before, you know I have a big battle with my weight.  I’ve always been a bigger girl.  One day I looked at a clip from the morning show and could see my weight was really creeping up on me, and I needed to do something.  I came home and shed some tears of frustration and defeat on my husbands shoulder. Since then, he helped me step into action.


Find people to support you- -my support is my husband.  People can be a bad influence.  The person standing next to you eating a doughnut can easily make you think: “it’s ok if I have one too”… think again.  In those situations, if I don’t fall into temptation, I text Tyler about my victory.  I also text him when I fall back into temptation.  Then he tells me how to move forward.  He’s so driven in his own workouts and that drive bleeds over to me. 

I’m always pushing myself, and he supports me in my success and lifts me up when the scale doesn’t go the right direction, or if I didn’t say the words right on TV that day.  He is honest when I make mistakes, yet fun and supportive of my victories.  Think of a friend or family member that can be your secret weapon.  This is a weapon that can also help you with daily frustrations, stress, and be a person that makes you smile when you need it most.  Emotional support makes a BIG difference.


Find what you love, and stick to a schedule.  I found a new love for weight training and running.  I have certain days and times set aside for these activities, and I don’t budge from them easily.  Of course if something comes up, I figure out a way to make up for it.

Trying out a BootCamp for Beginners at YMCA

I do the same thing at work, I have a battle plan in place each day–sometimes it falters, but I figure out a way around it.  Positive thinking, flexibility, and plain old hard work make a difference and help me stay committed.


I’m still working on this one.  I want to sign up for a boot camp, or train for a competitive race.  It’s just difficult with my schedule (many people don’t start their work day at 3am)  If you have ideas… shoot them on over to me!

It’s the same for a show I’m on.  I’m always looking for new ideas and ways to improve.  Getting stuck in a rut can be boring and eventually unproductive and uninteresting.  Our bodies work the same way, try new things–SHOCK the system a bit.  It could spark something great! See this fun interactive interview as an example of NEW thinking: Drive In Theatre in Your Living room.


New Spike Diet recipes shared on Good Morning Nebraska

I didn’t realize how much I eat!  I found an app that tracks food intake and calories.  My Fitness Pal is a free one.  There

are many others.  If you find one you like, let me know.  This will help you map out what you eat, and make sure you are

taking in an adequate amount of calories. It also makes me think  twice before I grab something to eat–because I think

“Do I really want to track this?”

I’m always looking for people to share healthy recipes and ways to make healthy eating easy on the show.  The first Mondays of the month on NTV News at Noon, Melissa from Weight Watchers cooks with us.  I’ve learned a lot from her, and I hope viewers do to.

So… as for my secret–the answer is:  I don’t really have one.  🙂 It’s trial and error.  Years of some success and many failures.  For anyone… whether it is battling the bulge, battling relationships, battling the workplace,  battling hairstyles…etc — the main thing is finding what makes you happy.  I work hard for what I want, and enjoy what I do.   THAT helps me move forward each day.  I’m never going to be perfect, but I can start each morning with a smile because it’s the beginning of a new day, new challenges and a hope for new success.

Just like my husband’s power of dedication and commitment bleeds over to me, I hope my energy, smile, and encouragement drifts your way each morning on Good Morning Nebraska and on NTV News at Noon.  Thanks for reading and thanks for watching.  I appreciate you!!!