Shoes, shirts, skirts, suits…. all that didn’t matter much to me before I started my on-air career.  In the world of T.V. and maybe in your own career, the way you dress creates an impression.  My credit card learned that the hard way in the beginning.  It took me several years to figure out how to shop for professional and trendy looks without going into debt.

First step:  Change the way your mind works!

I used to think only brand names and spending big money mattered.  I realized buying super expensive clothing I can’t afford only limited my options, and hurt my bank account.  I couldn’t buy as many clothes, and the stress of paying off debt wasn’t worth it.

Don’t be afraid to try consignment stores and local shops.  There are some real gems out there!  Most of my clothes are actually second-hand or from consignment stores, and I’m proud of it!


This dress was a gift from a woman who knows fashion and used to work in Hollywood. I’m not the first to wear it but I LOVE it! I love working in vintage clothing into my own style and wardrobe.

On this photo shoot (see below), I went to ReFind in downtown Kearney.  The black shirt was a great find-it’s a White House Black Market blouse.  It still had the tags on it that said it was originally $88.  I paid $22.  Deal?  I think so.  Plus it’s super versatile.


The shirt did not look good on the hanger, but I fell in love with it once I put it on!

Don’t Limit Yourself:

I make a point to try to understand brands and what’s popular, but at the same time I don’t limit myself.  I keep my options open and I’m willing to try anything to see what it looks like.  A name isn’t everything.

I try to research online and find some brand names and clothing I love, and when I stumble upon them at a second-hand store, or things that look similar.  I know I’m getting a great deal.

Some of my favorite brands I’ve found at consignment stores: Ann Taylor, White House Black Market, LeSuit, Liz Claiborne, Express, Bannana Republic, Chanel

Next Step: Use What You Have

Jeans are something I splurge on.  But I only buy them maybe once every 3-5 years and I wear them out!  The jeans I already had, in these photos, same with the pink shirt.  Another hint: I don’t think under shirts have to be something of high quality.  Spaghetti tops are a life saver, and you can find some Ocean Pacific shirts at Walmart for $3-$5.


A new shirt to add to items you already have creates a “new” outfit. New look=$7.50

The second look…(left) also a ReFind!  The white top was $7.50.  Another quality, versatile top for an affordable price.

Accessories: Find Pieces and Make Them Work for You!


2 pieces $4 each–and they match many items in my closet.

I love all kinds of jewelry, especially costume jewelry you can find in a bag at auctions for $3.  Some may be broken.  But I find that if you have pliers and safety pins, you can work magic!  If you are not into the crafty part of it, search for pieces that are on sale.  Both necklaces I’m wearing were $4 from Refind.

Set Rules for Yourself: I have rules for shoes!

I LOVE shoes–especially high heels.  My rule is don’t spend more than $20 on heels… unless it’s a super special occasion, and only over $10 if I really really like them.  That keeps me in check because if I don’t do that, I would get in financial trouble.


This suit = $18 at ReFind


Shoes go with practically everything! Love them with jeans! Can I say the work “love” any more times? WOW. 🙂

To do this, I only go to sale racks.  The shoes I’m wearing–(left) were from a yellow dot sale at Herbergers.  They are my absolute FAVORITE pair right now.  The nude color goes with EVERYTHING.  That makes them even more worth buying.


Dress = $16 at TJMAXX in Grand Island. Another hot spot. Tips for shopping at Refind and TJMAXX.. don’t look for something specific, and have plenty of time to look.