You won’t hear them say: “Here I come to save the day!” (Mighty Mouse), but they are there for us when we need them most.  They are those silent heroes in our day to day lives.

We will be celebrating the everyday hero on Good Morning Nebraska tomorrow.  This makes me think–who is my everyday hero?  When I think about it, there are so many!  There are local firefighters, police, paramedics, our troops… but there are those that don’t wear any kind of uniform.

Our Family and Friends

There are the people we turn to at every moment in our lives.  Those who show their support when we need it.  I feel like my husband gives me strength at the times I lack it myself and need it most.  PLUS he HAS to be super just to put up with me day after day.Image

Unexpected Everyday Heroes

I have seen it before.  People in Nebraska communities helping each other when disaster strikes.  But when it happens to you or your own family– it’s just even more amazing!

The friends and community surrounding Ravenna really pulled through for my family these last 3 weeks.  Farmers and semi drivers donating time to haul over 20,000 bushels of corn in one day.  My father in-law passed away and the community rallied around us.

Everyday farmers turn to superhero status in a blink of an eye.  “Thank you” just doesn’t seem to be enough for what they are doing for us, and it doesn’t stop with them.  Wives form assembly lines to make food, it seems anyone is willing to help.







The Co-worker Superhero

We all can go to work and have a lousy day.  It happens.  There are co-workers though that can just keep your spirits up.  Tim and Doug are two of my co-workers that help make the day go by just a bit faster, even if it means wearing superhero capes for pure silly entertainment.

To ALL everyday heroes: You may not know who you are, but you deserve a HUGE “Thank You!”

So, who is your everyday hero?  Tweet or facebook Marylyn Barnett Fan Page and share your thoughts and ideas!

There are other everyday heroes that will be mentioned on Good Morning Nebraska Friday morning.  Be sure to tune in for an interview at about 6:50am.  ALSO… there will be a few surprises between 5-7am that you will NOT want to miss.