“Work on that left arm.  It’s better, but you need to relax it,” said my husband to me at the gym today.  It helped me refocus, and run 10 minutes longer as I worked on fixing my weakness. 

Motivation–we can all use it.  In the workplace, and in our daily lives. 


  • Couples-work together!  I get a lot of my motivation now from my husband.  We are a team.  We approach our goal for a healthier lifestyle together.  It may not work for all couples, but it works for us.  It takes some work, as we can get on each others nerves.  But as long as you step back and realize you are just helping each other it works!  We go to the gym together, we run together, and we vent about our workdays together.  We also bounce ideas back and forth as to how to make any projects we are working on better. 
  • Friends and family help too!  Just a conversation with my girlfriends I met through martial arts can rejuvenate my motivation.  When I have a bad day at work, I can vent to my mom on the phone.  Once I get home, I’m ready to put it behind me and move on with the day.
  • Get help from NTV – Melissa and I can be your motivational team!  You can get new ideas and motivation every Monday with me on NTV News at Noon.  Melissa from Weight Watchers shares healthy recipes, and advice for reaching your goals each week.  This week was a breakfast recipe that I’m ready to try next week.  http://www.nebraska.tv click On the Menu for the recipe.



You hear about how rewards can help kids succeed.  The same goes for adults!  It doesn’t have to be big, just something you like.  If you reach a goal-reward yourself with lip gloss, shoes, or a new hair-band or cheap t-shirt you can wear at the gym-if it’s new to me-I enjoy it no matter what the cost.  

The biggest reward I can get is positive feedback from others.  But you don’t always get that.  So, a reward system for yourself can help in those moments when you just want to give up. 


When I agreed to weight-train with  my husband, it was new and exciting.  When I knew I was going to make the commitment, I decided I wanted to get gloves because my hands were getting gross callouses on them.  I was excited to get them, and couldn’t wait to try them out. 


You can find better-looking ones than these, they have them in all colors for women now.  Guys look at me weird at the gym sometimes, but I just know I’m doing what I need to do to better myself and that’s all that matters.  NOTE: if you get them, be patient.  They feel odd at first, but once you break them in, they are awesome!


My husband knows we are both in a bit of a slump when it comes to meeting our goals.  So he wrote this on the board by the door we walk out of every day.  I see those words before I go to work, and it helps give me a boost to do my best.

ImageWe also posted it on the fridge, so that when we open it, we realize what we eat impacts our goals.  It makes me think twice before stuffing my face with food I don’t need at that moment.


NOW… my product review:

This is something I’ve had for the last 3 years.  I am HORRIBLE about eating a variety of foods, and getting all the nutrition I need.  So I need to take vitamins.  I also need some energy.  By the time the noon show rolls around at the end of my work day, I feel like sludge.  I need a boost so I can do my best on the air.   These Multi-vitamin Power Packets from Complete Nutrition help me.  There are also vita-paks you can get at GNC. 

ImageThey do have caffeine in them, and it may affect you differently.  But what I like is, I get the energy without the jittery feeling like some weight loss supplements I’ve taken in the past.  If you don’t like taking pills, don’t get them because there are several in one pack, and you take one pack a day. I suggest you talk with the trainers at Complete Nutrition before trying them.  Make sure you drink plenty of water as well and you may have the great results I’ve seen.  I’ve dropped about 15 pounds in the last year.