Overworked, overstressed, and overweight–I was getting miserable.  I was fighting the feeling of depression, and would get cranky–that’s not me and I didn’t like what I was becoming!  It may not have showed on the air, but I wasn’t myself off the air.  It was slowly getting worse over time, so my husband and I decided to do something about it.

Work out a plan–SCHEDULE (the foundation of my path to healthy habits)

SLEEP: With my odd schedule, I was just sneaking in naps when I could.  It would be an hour there, two hours here… it was completely random.  That needed to change.

  • We established a bedtime, and NO naps unless it was just a short one–no longer than 20 min. It was so hard not to lay down and sleep after work, but I had to fight through it.  Instead of sleeping, I would do a task around the house.

EATING: I was not eating breakfast.  In fact, I was not taking time to eat at all during my work day, which sometimes was 12 hour days. You would think with how much I was NOT eating, that I would lose weight.  That’s not the case at all.  My metabolism was so out of whack, I was gaining weight instead.

  • Schedule to eat something every 4 hours.
  • My biggest life-saver is a breakfast shake.  You could go to any grocery store and get any breakfast shake you want–but I found one that works for me at Complete Nutrition–Smart Smoothie by Reclaim.  I like the chocolate one 🙂 It gets me through the morning without a lot of calories.   When I wake up super-early for a show I want something quick, and something that will keep me satisfied through the first 4 hours of on-air time.


    The shake I that helps me get through the morning. It's quick and easy and makes a huge difference.

  • Also when it comes to any shake, I recommend a shaker.  One with a wire ball inside that acts like a whisk.  There will be very few if any chunks of powder that make you grimace and say YUCK! 🙂  I’ve gotten them at Complete Nutrition and GNC.  My husband has shakes too, so I get different colors for different people and products.


  • Shaker tip: RINSE them out right away each time.  The smell can gag you in just one day of having the product sit in there.  Also, don’t leave it in your car overnight on accident–you don’t want to experience that– it’s not fun.

The wire ball in the bottom really helps to mix up the shake.

EXERCISE: I was maybe going to the gym one day… not another.. at whatever time I woke up from a nap if I felt like it.  ALL WRONG!!  It wasn’t working for me just to go when I felt like it.  I needed a set time, and a workout partner- which ended up being my husband.

  • Set the Time-each day when my husband got off work, we got ready and went to the gym immediately.  He was going, and I felt like a slacker if I didn’t go with him.  So we keep each other in check.
  • Mix It Up – I chose to do free weights and cardio workouts.  (I will write a whole blog in more detail of my workouts later showing how it’s mixed up)  As far as scheduling, this is what a week looks like:
  • Monday-weight lift with ab workout, short cardio workout 15-20min
  • Tuesday-longer cardio workout 25-35min
  • Wednesday-weights, no cardio
  • Thursday-longer cardio workout
  • Friday-weights with ab workout, short cardio
  • Saturday-weights
  • Sunday-rest
  • If events come up, and I miss one day, not a huge deal.  I try to make up for it, or just move on the next day.

This has been the foundation for how I’ve started to develop healthier habits.  It all started with a schedule, and a shake.  It’s not easy, it takes hard work, but it’s worth it.   Every person is different, but taking the initiative and having that support system may just make a difference in your life too.  This schedule helped me fit into a wedding dress, and I’m a much happier person once the schedule became habit.


Wedding day with my parents.

I promise not every blog will be about weight training or healthy living from now on… I will mix it up. 🙂 If you like this one, stay tuned to hear about what I do for energy, and some other products I’ve tried, including the safflower oil.

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