Watching state basketball over the weekend, I thought, “MAN!! I used to be in so much better shape back when I was on the court!”  But even as a teenager, I was always overweight and as I get older it becomes even more of a struggle.  


NCHS Lady Bluejays. I'm guarding #20


But now,  with the help of my husband, I’ve finally started to make strides and my goals finally seem within reach.  “10 more… keep going… you can do it… WORK”- that is what I tell myself every time I step in the gym, and my husband helps me at every moment.  It’s not just to lose weight, but live healthier, and get into those healthy habits.  We’ve found what works for us, and of course change it up as we go.  It doesn’t hurt to get help from some local experts as well.


Tammy Epp shows some moves you can do at home to get the blood pumping!

Pumping iron, running an extra mile, martial arts, I’ve done many different things in order to try to get in shape or lose weight.  Of course my goals change as the years go by, but this will always be something I will work on… even just to trying to be as healthy as possible.  One thing I do know is, I’m not alone in this life-long struggle. 

So many people want to l lose weight, tone up, or just plain get in shape.  For many of us it’s a HUGE struggle.  I’ve discovered that each person has to find something that works for them to reach their goals.  It could be a trainer, at home workout, walking, zumba class… each person is different and only you can find what system works for you.


Just for Ladies shows viewers how much fun working out can be.

The deal is, there are so many systems out there.  Maybe some you don’t know about. So how do you know what works for you or what to try?  That is what I want to help with.  Every Thursday on NTV’s Good Morning Nebraska and on NTV News at Noon, local trainers and experts are invited onto the show to explain an option you have to lead a healthy lifestyle.


YMCA Boot Camp! LIVE coverage of local trainers like Shari Greif Geiser motivate participants to get moving!

Last week, we just talked about the Shamrock Shuffle. (see the interview at This week, we are talking with Complete Nutrition about a certain oil you can take that helps to make your body use stored fat as energy. 


The creator of the Spike Diet shares nutritional knowledge. ImageOsteoStrong is an option to help increase bone density. We show viewers how it works.

So please join me as I reach my goals, and help you with yours.  We can both learn about new ways to get healthy.  We may never get back to those fit athletic days, but we can live a healthy lifestyle, and look back at those pictures and just smile. 🙂