Here is how it all started: battling, winning, fighting “Against the Odds.”  About one month as a reporter for NTV News, I met a young girl named Cassie.  She spent most of her life confined to a wheelchair, but it didn’t confine her spirit. 

Once I started talking to her, I realized her “can do” attitude and great personality kept her moving forward each day.  Instead of looking at a “poor girl in a chair,”  I saw an intelligent young woman that is making her way in the world the best way she can. 

She broke through boundaries others thought she couldn’t or would never be able to do.  She helped out with the Grow Nebraska store and from what I saw, anyone would want her as an employee.  Inspiring, emotional, and I could tell she really wanted others to know that just because she is in a wheelchair, she still wanted to be treated like a person, not someone who is handicapped.  She also has a passion to get that story out to others.

Cassie was my inspiration to tell her story and give others a chance to tell their success stories.  It doesn’t matter how big or small the success–as long as you are proud of it!  Whether it’s a major victory over a disability, a current fight against breast cancer, or a group of girls making princess dresses for the Make a Wish Foundation, or winning a composition competition.  There are so many people in the viewing area battling the odds and inspiring others along the way.

I want to spread the fighting spirit that is alive all across our viewing area.  If just one person is inspired to give, help out, and make a difference in their own lives, or for someone else then this series is doing what it is intended.

Watch Against the Odds, Friday mornings on Good Morning Nebraska!!   This week, meet a man who is climbing mountains to help fight against cancer.

Do you have a fight against the odds or know someone who is an inspiration and you want to share their story?  email me at

I accomplished my own fight against the odds, by becoming a News Anchor.  It was my dream and I worked very hard to get to where I am today.  There were many times when I was told to give up, or was pushed to try another career.   Anyone who knew me growing up back on a farm in Kansas, probably would have never thought I would be a professional journalist on TV.  I love what I do, and I love where I’m at and I love getting information out there to the public and hopefully making a difference to those that watch the shows I’m on.