Music, competitions, farm animals, and all the food you can think of on a stick– at the Nebraska State Fair.  For most, something on that list is what it’s all about.  For me, the last week has been an eye-opener.   Each day I was able to step away from the desk in the studio and meet some viewers.  Viewers wanting to meet me and see what a newscast is like behind the scenes: see Marylyn Barnett Fan Page on Facebook.


So many times we take things for granted, like a job.  I love what I do, and I’m lucky to have that luxury.  It’s taken a long time to get used to reading news into a camera and come up with creative ways to get information across to you.  I’m still working to improve on it everyday.  But while I focus on improving myself and obsess  over what is best for viewers,  I forget that maybe viewers just want to know about me and what I do.  So… what’s the answer?

Here it is!  My first blog!  I’ve been avoiding joining any more social media sites after I joined Facebook and twitter.  Sometimes it just takes a while for me, but I want to reach out to those who know me or want to know me more.  Here I hope  to provide a little more information about the news, and daily events in my life that I learn from and want to share with you.  I may be a news anchor, but I’m also a wife, a daughter, and a friend.  I get up every day, and have to face whatever is tossed my way, just like you do.   The best thing we can do is learn from each other and keep moving forward.  From food, to crafts, and fitness and everything in between– each time I blog will hopefully give you something to think about and maybe even try to apply to your life.

Here’s your challenge, think about what you take for granted.  Stay “thank-you” to someone, send a prayer, or do something you’ve been neglecting.  As for me, I’m going to start blogging,  and from now on, not be afraid to say “hello”, and smile a little more often because I am happy living in the Midwest, surrounded by people I love, in a career I set out to do.